Design, engineering, manufacturing and quality control of bicycle products that require standard and non-standard specifications.

Access to a wide variety of bicycle parts manufacturers in Asia including Taiwan and China, giving the client a flexible array of cost-effective solutions in the supply chain.

Fabrication including aluminum, titanium, carbon fiber and composites, as well as a host of other raw materials.


For complex projects requiring conceptualization, design and engineering up to delivery. Click on each icon below to learn about the details of each step of our Total Solution System.

If you have an idea, present it to us and we can explore your idea or concept together. Full confidentiality guaranteed.​

Together with your input, we will refine the product’s design for cost and production efficiency. Our engineering team will test, evaluate and modify until all important specifications are met.

We realize the importance of time, so we will ensure production schedules are met. In addition, we guarantee quality, assembly and other procedures are followed strictly.

No one wants to buy an ugly product. We have the resources to make your product as aesthetically pleasing as that of other products in the market. And we’ll take care of the finishing applications too.

Our team of quality control experts are trained and equipped with the machines to do proper quality control testing. They know what they are doing. So you can sleep better at night.

Your products will arrive to your destination in an as-expected condition. No surprises. We can arrange for all packaging and shipping logistics.

In the event of issues arising, rest assured that you won’t be left alone stranded with your products. We will resolve your issues. Our decades worth of excellent reputation is proof.

Case Study: TReGO-Trolley

bike trolley - TReGO

When TReGO-Trolley wanted to make a revolutionary bicycle trolley, they turned to IRWIN. Find out how we turned their idea into reality. Learn more >> 

“Working with Irwin Co., Ltd. was proved to be a game changer to us, developing a new kind of a product without a lot of manufacturing background would have simply be impossible.”

– Ofir Yadan, Founder, CTO